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While I had no real intentions to talk about this, I figure this is worth noting, since it could cause a bit of change: Method Man (who also got the Tila Tequila treatment during his and Redman’s performance, as you can see above) has told TMZ (where you can check out more photos of his injury) that he actually plans to sue for the injury:
“It’s not OK … I don’t condone throwing things at the talent while they’re performing. It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you’ve been hit in the face”.
Look, not to turn Obama or anything, but let’s be clear: if you are Hip-Hop, then you have at least heard of the Insane Clown Posse (just ask Eminem). While not knowing about the juggalos specifically might be understandable for even a heavy Hip-Hop fan, Method Man has been in the industry for over two decades: you kind of have to have known what you were getting yourself into. With that said, he has every right to sue, and by doing so might actually have a larger effect on that whole movement as a whole. The day a juggalo leaves from that double wide with his sister that he’s married to only to attend a concert he can’t throw rocks in just might cause enough of a decline with that group to cause even Chino XL to crack a smile. So good luck with that…and unless a huge rap beef erupts over this, I (probably) won’t be posting anything else about it here.

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