Still Infamous: Free P Edition (Mixtape)

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Infamous Studios, Nyce, DJ Rated R and La the Darkman collaborate on a project as a salute to Prodigy (he’s been in for a while, now…when the hell does he get out?). Tracklisting and download link after the jump.

01. La The Darkman – Intro
02. Nyce Da Future – I Got The Drop (feat. Mobb Deep & La The Darkman) (Prod. by Havoc)
03. Mobb Deep – That NY Bullshit (Prod. by Havoc)
04. Nyce Da Future – Real Talk (feat. Havoc & Cory Gunz) (Prod. by Havoc)
05. Mobb Deep – I’m A Thug (feat. Raekwon)
06. Nyce Da Future – Who The Fuck Is This (feat. Mobb Deep & Chashis)
07. Nyce Da Future – Shoot A Nicca (feat. Vic Damone & 40 Glocc)
08. La The Darkman – I Ain’t Lettin Shit Slide
09. Nyce Da Future – Forever Be Guilty (feat. Cau2G$ & Cory Gunz)
10. Nyce Da Future – Highlife (feat. Cash Bills)
11. Prodigy – Sugar Pop (Prod. by Alchemist)
12. Nyce Da Future – Hot Summer (feat. Havoc) (Prod. by Havoc)
13. Tony Yayo – So I Don’t Hurt Nobody (Prod. by Havoc)
14. Mobb Deep – BuckWildSpansihHorns (Prod. by Havoc)
15. Nyce Da Future – 3 The Hardway (feat. Havoc & Cash Bills) (Prod. by Havoc)
16. Nyce Da Future – High As A Helicopter (feat. Prodigy & 40 Glocc) (Prod. by Alchemist)
17. Mobb Deep – Ya’ll Can’t See Me (Prod. by Havoc)
18. La The Darkman – Figaro Chains (feat. Havoc) (Prod. by Havoc)
19. Nyce Da Future – What Time It Is (feat. Cau2G$ & Un Pacino)
20. Big Noyd – T.O.N.Y.
21. Nyce Da Future – We Rollin’ (feat. 40 Glocc & Prodigy) (Prod. by Havoc)
22. Havoc – Ribs (Prod. by Havoc)
23. Havoc – Letter To P (Prod. by Havoc)
24. Prodigy – Welcome To State Prison (Prod. by Sid Roams)
25. Willie The Kid – MI40 Weighs A Ton (Prod. by Lee Bannon)


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