UPDATE: Goldlink has responded (below).

So, we were in the middle of posting GoldLink’s new — and very dope — track ‘Meditation’, which features Jasmine Sullivan and sees production from KAYTRANADA, when an artist named Smilo revealed a track of his own that has clear similarities. Check out both below…did Goldlink steal these lyrics? Or worse — is there a ghostwriter situation at play a la Drake?

“I still see ya, I still see ya
Doin’ everything that we said we gon’ do
Girl I still see ya, I still see ya
Puttin’ all my pride and my girls to the side
‘Cause I still see ya, I still see ya
Smokin’ all my weed, bend the corners in the streets
I can still see ya, I still see ya
You wanna be me, I wanna eat ya
I wanna meet your ex, so I can beat him
And have a daughter, and be a teacher
And never follow, and be a leader
And baby girl, I still see ya
I got a light-skinned bitch who look like Beige Loaf
And she fight and fuck me in the same clothes
But when I put that daddy, baby daddy, papa stroke
She curl her toes and close her eyes
I finish up, she adios”

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