This past Wednesday around 5 AM, police officers from Baltimore city’s Southern District found a man dead, who turned out to be D.C.’s own 30 Glizzy (source):

Theodore Dashawn Pigford, 26 — better known as the Washington-area rapper “30 Glizzy” — was the man fatally shot in South Baltimore on Wednesday, police and Pigford’s attorney confirmed Thursday.

Police confirmed Pigford’s name, and attorney John McKenna, who represented Pigford in previous criminal cases and maintained contact with him, confirmed he was the rapper.

30 Glizzy, 26, was riding off of the release of his late-summer mixtape, YCWITMe, a tribute to the fallen GG-affiliate also known as Trap Flava Cee.

One of his first big songs, and a personal favorite “Kick Door”. RIP 30 Glizzy.

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