Okay…stay with me here. I wanted to put the video up first to show you that this guy is worth speaking about, first and foremost. That was Wiley, a UK rapper that is partly responsible for the spread of the Grime movement (which is said to have originated from his hometown of Bow, London). He’s pretty big overseas too, having quite an impressive catalog as an emcee and producer.

Anyway, one day a little while ago (a month to be exact, I believe), he decided to both fire his manager (over Twitter, mind you) and release 11 Zip files worth of music to the public. Filled with OVER 200 SONGS. I find that to be really crazy, to say the least…even though a lot of it wasn’t even mixed and mastered, a good amount supposedly game from his newest album that we was working on.

Could you imagine a Lil’ Wayne or a Cam’ron doing the same thing in the States? I simply can’t fathom such an action…I’ll be looking forward to hear more from him, both as far as this is concerned AND any new music he puts out.

Source: DJ Semtex

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