Shoutout to UK Overstood….he went all the way in on this beat lyrically. Check out the lyrics after the jump.

I cant tell I lie i’ve slept with girls in this industry
every time I took em out, they just got more in to me
I hit em with placebos they never got sick of me
when it came to my sax they just blew it like a symphony
haters want me dead like e bay they wanna bid for me
I aint from dallas but like JR is my dynasty
im drinking with the devil but he wont let my liver breathe
he says he’s on my side see but he wont slit his wrists for me

whats up with this bicker beef, I’ll make your hearts ticker sleep
hold her hand & kiss your girl when I stuck it in the bitches teeth
tasty like a rieces piece, I eat like its jesus feast
on the top bunk of burban, all my goons sleep beneath
and I don’t wanna reach & teach fuck it im too rowdy
commit 7 deadly sins to john Q law and show em audi
ilford shows me luv, Im more bad boy than lowrey
shut up your styles faker than an episode of Towie
people tried to doubt me, par me and allow me
ethinic banta united Mr singh with Mr. Chaudry

thats sweeter than a brownie, guess it pays to be this mouthy
pretty women form a Q & don’t forget your dowry
girls like my rough side, ladies ilke the gentleman
act a clown to their friends coz I can juggle 10 of them
when im done, kick em out the door, consider that my settlement
im hitched to the game no Will Smith or Albert Brenamen
im just in my element no periodic table
I superman a ho, sticky back, sticky navel
I hit kent like im clarke, leave like I was Gabel
ive spun more spitters than a water floating dreidel

i stand up stable, got more nuts than fucking MR T
no more free shows that ships sunk itself in italy
Garry Sandu with a passport, never get rid of me
ima keep feeding you until you vomit and get sick of me
im a fucking liberty i don’t give a fuck
on a mid summers nights dream more mischievous than puck
and every choice ive made in life purely from my gut
ive done had the skill to blow, the rest is down to luck
comprehend the levels BURBAN’s strong never weak bro
its a jet ski wave, ride it hard shout out Sneakbo

the movements getting bigger every day, every week bro
tune into kiss tv dominate the asian beat show
and this year we go hard, no dumb moves like steve o
no foul play but you can have yourself a free throw
still points behind first try & catch up to my ego
im terrabites ahead too much to process for your tivo

I got so many bars I could build another Alcatraz
a bullet proof vest couldn’t save you from these type of raps
cancerian, expect a tidal wave of biting crabs
hooks so deep i’ll uppercut you into liking jabs
legacy that titans, type that fuckin Michael had
penthouse, canary wharf, i’m chilling in a righteous pad
im a bastard,not literally I like my dad
you can act like a whore I got no qualms to fucking ride a slag

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