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I initially figured that by performing, she meant literally performing her songs in strip clubs to the audience. But who knows, I’ll just let my imagination run with me. From MTV:

Who says you can’t go back? Nicki Minaj surely doesn’t, as her brand-new, eye-popping “Beez in the Trap” video is a throwback to the MC’s pre-Young Money days.

“When I was doing my mixtapes, I would perform in strip clubs, I would perform in clubs and it was just like some of my most die-hard fans would be in these places,” Nicki told MTV News on Friday after putting on a secret show in Times Square. “I wanted to kinda like honor them — kinda honor all my girls in the club and just say thank you for the support.”

The Benny Boom-directed clip, which was released Friday, follows Nicki as she struts through the nudie bar counting hundreds and working her money-maker in some very flattering outfits. In one scene, Ms. Minaj sports a leopard-print catsuit and shakes her tail feather alongside “Beez in the Trap” guest 2 Chainz. “When I see the strippers and all of that, they always show me love, so I wanted to kinda make a video around them,” the reigning rap queen said. “I hit up Benny Boom like, ‘Yo, I need a sexy video right now.’ I knew 2 Chainz wasn’t gonna be mad.”

“Beez” is the second video from Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The album, which is expected to hit #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart later this week, features an even distribution of pop tracks like the RedOne-produced “Starships” and more street-oriented material. The 2 Chainz-assisted track definitely falls in the latter category. “He’s an amazing dude, very hard worker,” Nicki said of the bubbling Atlanta MC. “I love my ‘Beez in the Trap’ video. This is my hood video, obviously.”

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