This is a visual video made by human beings for the song which is called, ‘Bonus Track’, by world renowned, time-travelling warlock, Awate. The accompanying music was produced using hardware and software by Turkish. This video was made with the help of a certain, Amrik Virk. This song will feature on Awate’s mixtape which has a name. That name is, ‘Elements’. It shall be available from Awate’s website from May 18th. You can certainly visit and follow Awate on Twitter (!/Awate91), ‘Like’ him on Facebook ( and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button on this page. This video cost 4 million American dollars to produce and many animals were hurt during the making of it. Most of the 4 million dollars went to paying a man by the name of Aleksander Romaninanov so that he could teach Awate how to complete a Rubik’s cube. When Romaninanov’s methods failed, the use of CGI was necessary. – Awate

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