This guy is ABSOLUTELY D O P E. Check out the words after the jump.

I rep the UK, so tell all the non-sup-
porters to fall back or order some more crack, got
Jordans and all that. Try to copy me? This private
Property, ain’t a country in the world that we
Try to be. That’s Word to Yo Gotti, if
None of my goons ain’t heard of your squad b, it’s
Probably ’cause y’all ain’t murdered nobody, and the
Money’s fast but I prefer to blow shottys. C’mon son.

There’s a lotta guns around in London Town. We’ll run ya
Down to the dungeon, clown. Y’all be acting like you can’t
Hear it in ma accent! Man I got that UK
Spirit in ma passion; when I was a young’n
Runnin my game I put the word “young” in front of my name
US, you brothers are lame, I’m hearing that you doin’
Suttin the same but we started that shit right? Well
Fuck it either way we still a part of that shit right?
Y’all got names like “50 Cent”…
What kinda grown man rhymes with petty change?
Nigga we got our own gang signs and everything.
“Suwoop blood”, we started that shit right? That
Ass better not be unguarded at midnight you’ll be
Calling the crib like job as a midwife, but fuck it I digress. It’s
London yo, we stuck in the projects but you
Not knockin’ or cock-blockin’ the progress ’cause we
Do our thang. Kna’mean? We ain’t
Seen them Americans liking skinny jeans and
All start dressing like Mike in Billie Jean. Did we, b? You
Know what it is the flow’s out of this world, a real
London dude never goes down on his girl…really b? Maybe I’m
Old school, I can’t pass stuff on the new test paper. Some
Cats gassed up on the USA but not me no siree I
Keep it 100, and I would carry on in this accent but
Bun it.

Some of us are stuck in a perilous farce with our
Heads so far up America’s arse that we
Take all their shit and never just ask “Why is
No wave we jump on ever just ours?”
I know you dun know there’s more to life than
90210, it’s bad e-
Nough everybody begging Taylor Gang but we’ve got our own
Why we gotta take their slang?
Watching Jersey Shore thinking “Oh they’re so Mad!” so you’re
Gassed, now you really wanna go there so bad that you
Ain’t sleeping properly tonight but team U
K please do not believe the hype. There’s a
Rapper you only like ’cause he’s American face it, when
His flow’s older than a relic & basic. I
Think you took too much of that kush to heart, I say
Kush, no keys — push to start. & if he
Ever challenged me with his bars & his flowing. Lol.
It’s a wrap like half of this poem. Putting out
Bare dead songs but we never stop learning ’em, now every-
Body wants tats like say they’re not permanent.
They’ve got hoods like we’ve got hoods and
Like us they smoke trees, not woods. But…
They never rate half what we did &
We’ve got waves that they can’t compete wid.
I don’t wanna hear no yankee do funky,
I don’t wanna hear no American grime.
Ciara couldn’t even do the Migraine Skank if they
Really wana bring-in then I’m telling them “fine”. But
Not without admitting it straight: Britain is Great,
Whatever the weather our yats are wetter.
Americans can’t tax us, never.
& anyway our accent’s better.

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