This is hilarious. Featuring cameos From Rita Ora & Labrinth…..proof that the homie is on top of the game right now. Check out more infro (including lyrics) after the jump.

Sumit from The Hip Hop Chronicle UK puts visuals to his blogger diss.

The video has cameos from two of the biggest stars in UK music, Rita Ora and Labrinth.

“Stay Schemin Bloggers” coming very soon

Thanks to both artists for having a laugh with me.



Filmed by: @RaxOfficial


We progress together

Yeah, Sumit Hip Hop Chronicle

They tell me I gotta make a buzz this year (what?)
I aint done enough
4 million views, almost 7 thousand followers (shit), radio show (damn)
Co-signs, more than most rappers (preemo)
But I gotta create a buzz?
Ok so this year, I’m a rapper

I came in as a blogger and now my name is proper
Cocky and all that just fall back as I make it hotter
I’m not the one that’s known for talking a game
Recording something important or boarding a plane
It’s more than a shame how some of these bloggers are blaggers
They’re all for the fame I wish they would stop with madness
But see I figured it out these bloggers sit their house
Clicking their mouse with a dick in their mouth
It’s all in their throats and they tryna create a ruse
Of course it’s a hoax because their paying for their views
They all just click the quickest while they fix their figures
Nobody who flows the sloppiest get the biggest business
That’s how it goes in the blogosphere
With plotting and schemes it aint what it seems
So the next time you’re logging on
Get on the Hip Hop Chronicle and don’t forget the dot and the com

So you fake ass bloggers out there
Keep doing what you’re doing
I see you
Don’t make me call you out
I got the information
They call me Chronicle for a reason
Stay Schemin son
I’ll come after you on the next one


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