The war of words began when Tim fired shots at Righteous on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show, claiming the rapper falsely believed Devlin was dissing him in the music video for his single ‘White Rapids.’
“[Devlin] didn’t name names, it’s not you, you just want the promo kid,” Tim said in his rant against Righteous.

“You just want to big your chest up and claim beef when there’s no beef there. I read your timeline, don’t get it twisted kid, you’re sour. Fix your face sucker, don’t be claiming what you want… go back to Margate.”

So, now we have this scathing diss, along with the following message:

This is for every artist past and present from all over the world that have wanted to just slap this joker mid interview but had to show restraint for the sake of progressing their career. I salute some of the work that Tim has done for Hip Hop and I will try to be as righteous as I can but I wont have this guy or any other violating what I stand for. Much love and thanks for the support.

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