ALBUM REVIEW: Jammer – Living The Dream

Boy Better Know’s Jammer — possibly known more for the wildly successful Lord Of The Mics than anything else — has let go of his latest effort, the 13-track Living The Dream.

Simply put, this album is certainly consistent throughout. It’s current running single, ‘Declined’, is definitely the track to go nuts to at any event (and it still makes me laugh to this day, thanks to various pars sent back and forth between Jammer and fellow peer/actor Snakeyman over a certain refused bank card). The huge posse cut ‘Big Man’ (featuring Viper, Jme, Scratchy, B Live, Lay Z, Flow Dan & Sox) isn’t one to be ignored as well.

What really makes this album a powerful listen begins with ‘Mind, Body & Soul’. This track, along with additional cuts like the title track and the Skepta and Lay-Z-assisted ‘Fast Life’, literally leave chills down your spine with its dark, heavy production and subject matter. It’s these songs that get the most play on the entire project as a result, letting the listener into what Jammer considers the laws to the street, the grind, success and more.

‘Mind, Body & Soul’

The only real negative to Living The Dream (and this isn’t really a negative, so to speak) is the fact that Jammer doesn’t quite hold the lyrical dexterity as some of his Boy Better Know peers, most specifically Skepta and Jme. This can of course be debatable, depending on your general opinion of his style when comparing it to others.

Overall, it’s worth the money (£7.99 on iTunes) and definitely makes a great addition to your BBK or Grime collection. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

PURCHASE: Jammer – Living The Dream

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