From Gigwise:

The streets of the UK are safe (for a few days at least) from the musical tyranny of former N Dubz star Dappy, as the rapper has entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The chart topping star was among the not-very-famous faces who entered the Big Brother house last night (3 January), but did so handcuffed to widely disliked Daily Mail columnist, Liz Jones. All celebrities who entered the Big Brother house did so in pairs, handcuffed together. However, the duo were soon parted by Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson, who opted to separate the ‘stressed’ looking pair. This also resulted in the duo facing eviction from the house next week.

During the rapper’s introduction video, Dappy referred to himself as a ‘bad boy’ and claimed that the tabloids had painted him out as being a villain. In 2010, Dappy sent violent threats to a fan and in February 2013, he avoided a jail sentence for a petrol station brawl, after being rejected by two young women.

The petrol station incident occured at a petrol station last year when Dappy invited two girls to get into his car. The girls refused and Dappy allegedly spat at the pair and swore at them, calling them ‘sluts’ and ‘ugly’.

Most recently, Dappy was kicked in the face by a horse.

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