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Dolan Beats is an up-and-coming rap producer from the District. He’s worked with the likes of Chief Keef, Peewee Longway, and primarily Yung Gleesh, who has already built himself quite the following in the city. We talked to him via e-mail about what he’s been up to, where he likes to eat in D.C., and more.

JukeBoxDC: At what age did you begin producing?

Dolan Beats: 20

JB: What is your favorite production software? Why?

DB: FL Studio, because it’s all I know and it’s cheaper than hardware.

JB: What rapper do you have the most chemistry with? Why?

DB: Yung Gleesh, mainly because we came up together and he always rocking with me through whatever. He discovered me in a way.

JB: How did you originally link up with Chief Keef and Glo Gang? How about Pee Wee Longway?

DB: I linked up with both of them through them hearing my beats when they were with Yung Gleesh.

JB: Chicago and Atlanta have their own popular, growing rap scenes. Where does D.C. fit in the picture?

DB: There’s no unity, that’s why we not where we supposed to be. Everyone else does [have unity] except us. It’s every man for himself in D.C.

JB: Who’s next up in D.C. in your opinion?

DB: Female-wise, @DydyDoThat. She go hard like a nigga moe, I swear she do.


But in the DMV so far, I see Big Flock or Hall of Fame Worm [going places], they got a good following.

JB: What’s your favorite spot to eat in the city?

DB: Man, I eat carry out like Andy’s, Goodie’s, Benny’s. Anywhere with wings, fries, and mambo sauce is a restaurant to me, that’s good eating to us.

JB: What’s the best venue in the city?

DB: Stadium, I love the strippers at stadium moe.

JB: What projects do you have coming up this year and 2016?

DB: I’m working with 21 Savage, OG Maco, Yung Gleesh and more that are unconfirmed. I rarely speak on things like that until I see it.

JB: What other rappers do you want to work with? Why?

DB: Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and DJ Paul. Those three people have a big impact on my music life as far as inspiration. I fuck with Bankroll Fresh, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and Young Dolph too. I work with anybody though, so it don’t matter, my list would be too long to be honest. 21 Savage got some of my best work as of right now…

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