Joe Millionaire
Joe Millionaire is a musician’s musician. There are those of us who listen to one main genre of music. Some go through their whole lives only consuming one style of a particular art. This Platinum selling producer has found a way to cast his creative credits across a myriad of sounds. While he knows how to cook up a trill beat for your favorite southern rapper, his range also has the capability of dropping beats for #1 acts in the South Pacific.

Joe Milli is both trained & self taught, attending Tennessee State University on a music scholarship during his collegiate years. In fact, he comes from a family of musicians, it’s in his blood. When asked about his favorite production software Joe once responded, “Anything that makes a sound.” That’s probably because Joe Millionaire can make any sound. Who else do you know making children’s reality show and professional wrestling tracks?


This Millionaire range has garnered Joe some overdue accolades. Working with names such as Trinidad James, Iggy Azelia, TI, T-Pain, YFN Lucci, 2 Chains and the list goes on. This fall, a track that he contributed to reached the peak of Billboard’s World Albums category ( Milli produced ‘Rhythm After Summer’ from EBX-CBO’s ‘Hey Mama’ album. His recent accomplishments of receiving the #1 on Billboards Chart- World Album plaque alone should put him on a s
hort list of producers to call.

Raised in southwest Atlanta, GA, Joe became known as a “one stop shop” for the audio dope. Again and again he continues to show us that he’s not just a southern producer. Be it under bars of ballads if you’re looking for that money sound, you should be getting at Joe Millionaire.

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