On Monday (Jan. 30), Lil Keed‘s mother, Tonnie Woods-Reed, announced that her late son would soon have a posthumous album. Specifically, it will be an official sequel to his 2018 mixtape, Keed Talk To ‘Em:

“On May 13, 2022, I lost my son Raqhid Render — who many of you knew as the artist Lil Keed,” her message read. “Right before his passing, Keed was hard at work at what would’ve been his highly anticipated next album, Keed Talk To ‘Em 2.”

She then revealed the forthcoming effort would be led by the single “Long Way To Go,” explaining the song’s importance from a personal standpoint: “As much as he was a great father, son and friend — he was also an artist who, thanks to many of you, lived and continues to live through his music… This song holds a special place in my heart, and as you guys will see, it will reflect on many aspects of Keed’s journey here on Earth.”

Today (Feb. 3), “Long Way To Go” has officially arrived for fans to enjoy. Produced by DJ SIDEREAL and Aidan Han, the bittersweet number sees Keed rapping about his hard-earned wealth and success:

“Got a long way to go, but I’m closer than ever, I Chanel the belt, I Chanel the sweater, I go through a lot but I keep it together, I’m pulling up, 400 and better, it’s a real blitz storm in this motherf**kin’ bezel, I put my heart out, I wrote me a letter, a n**ga so rich, they calling me treasure, I’m stylin’, I’m wildin’, got sticks, I ain’t hiding, my b**ch, exotic, like something from the islands, my peace, so sacred, I stay by violence, LA, all duckеd off, in the hills, the highest…”

Press play on the visual for “Long Way To Go” below, which, in addition to Woods-Reed and younger brother Lil GotIt, shows a wealth of Keed’s loved ones honoring his tragically short life.

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