Low key from YHTN has decided to do an #ForTheCity mixtape and starting tomorrow at 10 am he is taking submissions for DC Artist. Low Key has this to say below about his tape. Email him submissions at Lkuhtn@gmail.com. Don’t tweet him your music, you will be blocked.

In the blog world, things can get very redundant and boring. With that, WE (the editors and contributors) start complaining about what needs to change and things we think would be dope for the culture without wanting to lift a finger to help push change and creativity. I’ve been guilty of this plenty of times.

While I was getting introduced to a new D.C. artist last night at a dinner meeting, I really began to ponder these “new guys” don’t have a proper platform to get exposure for a CHANCE to get heard. And while everyone has to EARN their place on this hip-hop totem pole, I also have a responsibility in helping with that process. For godsakes, my site is called “YouHeardThatNew”, right lol? So with that said, I present to you guys “#ForTheCity”

With #ForTheCity I’m going on a several month campaign giving UNSIGNED and UNTAPPED artists a chance to be heard on a popular platform but in a unique way. Here’s what I mean by “unique”: I’m going to designate a day out the week for ONE particular city to showcase talent that DESERVES some proper shine. So for example, on Tuesday, February 26th I’m going to highlight Washington, D.C. for the entire day (in addition to the usual stuff you see going on around these parts.) Whether it’s R&B or Hip-Hop, I’m going to give you guys the proper outlet to get out your best material. That trend will continue with another city the next day and so on and so forth. Dope right? Ok so here’s what YOU NEED to do and NOT do.

When submitting your material I NEED these things: #ForTheCity in the subject title, artwork, and your BEST MP3 or VIDEO (Youtube link for the videos) attached, a link to your most recent work, links to your Twitter and/or website, a brief description of where you’re from and a blurb on the content you’re submitting. What you need NOT do is submit via my Twitter TL. If you submit ANYTHING via my Twitter account in regards to #ForTheCity? I will block and report you as spam. Trust me, I have NO problem doing so.

Here’s another intricate piece of the puzzle, on April 22nd I will release #ForTheCity Vol.1, a compliation of all the best submissions hand picked by ME! Cool right? I know. Ok, so I think that covers everything for this new project. #ForTheCity will begin on Tuesday, February 26th at 10am starting with Washington, D.C. Cities for the first week of #ForTheCity can be found below!

February 26th: Washington, D.C.
February 27th: Toronto, CA
February 28th: Los Angeles, C.A.
March 1st: Boston, M.A



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