So this morning, Just Blaze got on twitter and had some words from Joe Buddens after he got word that he used his beat on Mood Muzik 4.

So ummm.. stuck in the moment IS my beat after all. srsly @joebudden? why? and the mix sucks. I aint never done nothin to do u but help your career bro hem. This aint cool. I aint gonna sit here and air this out on twitter. But we got too many people in common for this. I was about to give amalgam a free beat so YOU could be on the em album and… this? not cool. And I aint even have to do that. Record was goin out regardless. I was just tryina make the record right and give YOU the look coz we got history… so i stick out my neck a lil bit, dont ask for nothin in return from it..and i get this. “ni hi hi hiiiiiice” (c) 3rd Bass..

Rap is awesome. Hell i mixed and added to joell’s record for FREE, and i dont even know him like that. Why wouldnt i do u a solid when we sposed to be cool. Itll be handled one way or another but damn homie.. as many people as we got in common?back home2?

Updated. I guess they settled the beef.

We’sa good. he apologized for not handlin correctly and explained, i explained my spazz was bc i thought we was frandz. and life goes on. And as for the spazz. some feel it was justified, and i feel them, but i normally dont get down like that. however end of the day we’re all human. SORRRYYY! Admit it though… u were entertained one way or another.

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