Ricky Rozay stops by MTV and gives a break down on his Lately mixtape ” Ashes to Ashes”. Check out the breakdown from his favorite tracks below:

“RetroSuperFuture” featuring Wiz Khalifa: Ross and Wiz endorse the Green Party on this slow, looping track. “Now, I stay high, while y’all stay low,” Wiz sings on the hook. “Trying to tell me about the smell, I know/ My eyes stay red from all that smoke.”

“Made Men” featuring Drake: “Two-door Bugatti coupe, I call it Katy Perry,” Ross raps on the boastful number. “Wiz Khalifa papers, my favorite berries/ That ’65, I call it Rihanna/ It got a red top but it’s white like Madonna.”

“Pandemonium” featuring Meek Mill and Wale: The Miami Don and his off-season pickups put it down over the brassy production. “They say I’m special as Devin Hester on fourth down,” Wale spits. “So all that sh– you n—as kicking, we ain’t worried about.”

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