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I’ll tell you what.. this project was one of those type of occurrences that looks to be so well thought-out, yet, more of a “feeling” that made it come together. Rockwilder has so many styles of music that he can make that I would’ve literally became depressed if I attempted to give HIS best and my own in an 11 track project. The atmosphere in which the project was created was like a non-stop, relentless, pavement-driven, hit the ground-running type of energy. I let the music drive me to where I wanted to take this project. As I grow as an Artist, I’m also maturing and growing into a Man. At 22, I’m growing out of the “know-it-all” phase into more of a “knowledge of self” and seeking of wisdom & understanding phase. The book of Proverbs explains it all, as I attempt in a small portion on “The Markwilder Show”! Listen, enjoy it, and listen again. Thank you all for allowing me to be apart of your email and music lives! I love to do what I do and I’ll always continue to do so as long as I can.

Download: DJ Booth

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