America. From AJC:
An Atlanta man claims several bodyguards employed by music producer Sean “Diddy” Combs beat him in a lawsuit filed against the entertainer and his record company.
Jabari Tilgham, 30, claims he was beaten while working as a photographer at Club Mansion Elan on Clairmont Road, according to the suit filed Friday in DeKalb County State Court. In addition to Combs, the suit also includes four unnamed bodyguards and the DeKalb club as defendants.
Combs, 41, co-hosted a party in October following the BET Awards, along with rapper Rick Ross. Tilgham was one of about 12 photographers inside the club taking photos of Combs and other celebrity guests at the party, attorney Jeffrey Gewirtz of Jeffrey | Scott LLP told the AJC.
Combs’ personal security singled out Tilgham and started beating on him, Gewirtz said. A security guard employed by the club confirmed Tilgham’s story in a signed affidavit, Gewirtz said.

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