Wale has been through a lot since breaking into the rap game. Strong underground following developed through well put together mixtapes, ups and downs with record labels and is every growing Twitter struggle with his haters and naysayers. Finally all will be put to rest on November 1st as Wale releases his sophomore album, Ambition. With the Maybach Music Group behind him, a legion of fans supporting him and a multi-faceted album, Wale delivers and delivers damn good. With his first album, Attention Deficit, being undershipped, the D.C. MC needs the support. Here are five reasons as to why you should buy Ambition.

1.If He Wins, Ross Wins
There’s no doubt that when Rick Ross built this gang of rappers with MMG, he was looking to put a chokehold on the game with more than just his hands. Since forming the group, the compilation album released and produced success, but now it’s on Wale to keep that ball rolling and live up to the MMG standard. Wale exudes that standard and just passed the baton to Rick. God Forgives, I Don’t releases December 13th.
2.He’s The Underdog
Since Wale’s rap buzz began he’s always been the underdog. Coming up with the likes of Drake, Kid Cudi, J. Cole and B.o.B., Wale has always been overlooked and overshadowed in comparison to his brethren. Let’s also take in consideration that Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records split with Wale and he has been fighting uphill ever since. I wonder if Mr. Iovine can sense his Ambition now?
3.Transcended DC Rap Scene
Before Wale, the DC Metro Area’s rap scene was rather obsolete. The city is (and will always be) a GoGo town, but for Wale to make a name out of himself from basically coming from nowhere is phenomenal. Since he’s burst on the scene, everybody and their second cousin is a rapper, manages a rapper or is currently dating a rapper. (I’m using the term rapper loosely but you get it.) Call Wale what you want, but if he doesn’t exist, this city doesn’t have a voice in mainstream hip-hop. That counts for a lot in my book.
4.Something For Him, Something For Her
Ever riding in the car with a female and want to make a compromise on the music selection? You can’t go all in her favor and play Beyonce because that’s a pure man-law violation. However, you can’t go too hard on her with the Clipse or Gucci Mane. Nonetheless, with Wale he gives a pretty fair number of female likeable songs (“Sabotage” & “Lotus Flower Bomb”), but still has the lyrical/strong content (“Ambition” & “Legendary”) for the fellas to ride to. Versatility is key in an artist’s collection.
5.The Album Is Good, Very Good
Wale gives you variety, incredible lyrics, surprising guest features and sure-fire hits on Ambition. What does that equate to? A solid sophomore album. He promised a classic, but we can’t debate that for another 18 months (Why not? Click here). As for right now, this is clearly one of the best projects to be released this year and is worth your $9.99.
Ambition represents growth, a lifestyle and inspiration to the common man or woman. Will you be able to see the picture that Wale painted? Buy here.
-Terry Mundell (@commenturry)

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