Lil B Talks AIDS Awareness In His New Song “I Got AIDS”

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Last night, Lil B released a new single titled “I Got Aids” off his mixtape BasedGod Velli. Lil B tells a story in the track of someone catching AIDS AND Herpes from not using a condom. In a message to the community, the rapper stresses the importance of getting tested and says that he will soon upload a video of himself getting tested.
“Please everyone I made this to inform everyone that I love and respect and everyone that listens to my music and loves based to please get tested and protect yourself and partners, and be safe, I want you to know if you have sex you are at risk…please use condoms and have safe sex, please I love you, if you care about me upload a video of you going to get tested and send to me I will also upload a video of me getting tested. I love you and if you are positive or negative I know you have support. -Lil B”

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