Nope, don’t remember Part 1 at all.

Singer-songwriter Jesse Boykins III mixes vintage etiquette with Internet eloquence, romantic visions with an instinct for presentation, and soulful performances with overseas plane tickets.

His breakthrough came in 2008 with the release of Dopamine: My Life of my back, an LP that included the hit song Tabloids which hit #2 on the Billboard Video monitor. His second album,Beauty Created, confirmed his talent and opened the door for collaborations with the likes of Theophilus London, The Foreign Exchange, Melo-X, Machine Drum and Phantom Lover.

Jesse’s ever growing worldwide following is explained by his constant flow of quality work, often the product of organic collaborations that spark within his multi-talented group of friends: Video director Dr. Woo, singers Melo-X, Mara Hruby or the style bloggers at Street Etiquette.

In a quest to discover more than what meets the ear, we spent some time with Jesse and picked his brain — and his heart – about the process that goes into his art.

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