From Hip-Hop Blog:

Terrane Hicks, the man performing Jay-Z and Kanye’s hit “N***as In Paris” on the NYC subway in what has become the season’s biggest YouTube hit, shared his reaction to his newfound celebrity in an interview with Miss Info. Hicks is a personal trainer and martial artist and claims he was sober when he performed the song impromptu for bewildered passengers.

“Well, everyone I know keeps calling me and hysterically laughing. I love it. Love the excitement and I’m actually going to try to take this somewhere! … I was born and raised in Harlem, recently moved to Brooklyn. I’m a martial artist and I own a personal training company called Skye Fitness. [Was I drunk?] No, actually I was totally sober. I am like this all the time. I’m just a hype person. … No, I don’t normally rap out loud but that’s one of those songs that gets you hype! I really didn’t care what the other riders thought. That’s that song!!! And yes, I was definitely trying to entertain my fellow commuters.”

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