In the latest installment of‘s My Favourite Verse series, our spotlight falls on the North London raised multi award winning MC and singer Ms. Dynamite.

After making a splash entrance in the public domain with the rave sparking “Booo!” over 10 years ago, Dynamite has continued to deliver groundbreaking and well respected music right up to her most recent single “Neva Soft” produced by Labrinth. When we asked her to look back into her catalog of rhymes and pick one of her favourite, Dynamite picked out a verse that found it’s home on a joint mixtape with her brother Akala entitled “Miss” as one of her favorites of all time.

“I like it so much that I want to revive it and make a song out if it”, says Dynamite when asked about her reasons for choosing the verse”…It’s about every kind of woman, I wrote it at a stage when I realised everything was within me. My strengths, my weakness basically… I have the power to succeed and do the things that I want to do.”

Watch the video to see Dynamite break down her verse with an accapella performance to cap it off.

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