Download “Seven Shades” EP here. He was even cool enough to bless us with the lyrics for the above track, after the jump.

Welcome to 7 Shades, hope you listening/
So much to say, such little time to fit it in/
King its been a minute since I been in this spitting ting/
I never dismissed this thing, fact is I kinda missed this thing/
And nah, I aint’t trying to diss this ting/
But so many nitwits in this thing I stay Alone on a distant ting/
I gave you Warning, you can come try me/
Royalty like Malika, West London’s where you’ll find me/
Whether I pass in my sleep or die a violent death/
I never stress (Why?) I apply the Science of Breath/
Seven Shades:
Freedom /
I rep change like seven days/
My team divide the cheese up like slicing knives through a pizza/
But way beyond razor sharp I’m a diamond kinda geezer/
Rhyme so fly that I have to apply for visas/
Your rhymes are so dry it’s Vaseline you apply ‘cos your lips have creased up/
Poisonous is an anamorphic creature/
Lately a lot of people debating exactly who Double P are/
Poisonous is a level, you can’t reach us/
I don’t mean to be harsh, lemme just break it down with these three bars/
Like games on display I’m not to be play with/
Think I bit Tony’s rhymes ‘cos every bar I spitted was Dangerous/
I took a break from the game but now I came back to claim it/
In my absence, I apologize for the lack of flavour/
Lack of imagination and overabundant fakeness/
While I was gone you suffered through some bait shit/
I come to put a stop to your suffering like Buddishm’s Eight Stages/
And show you what Seven Shades is/

Seven Shades:
Freedom /
I rep change like seven days/ ( x2 )

Coloured my world in Seven Shades/
To show you all the madness littered in my brain/
Clinically insane/
I can feel it in my veins/

What’s the conclusion?/
Is it all an Illusion?/
Are there really Seven Shades?/
Or is it all my confusion?/

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