I spotted this on AllHipHop’s Rumor section (though this obviously isn’t a rumor), so I’ll let them take it away:

Tyler the Creator is insane in the membrane! The Odd Future member jumped on stage in the middle of a Gucci Mane concert and was dragged off stage by his collar by Gucci’s security, who thought he was just an out of control fan. Tyler had a huge smile on his face while he was being hauled off, like he enjoyed being mishandled.

Oh, man! Did you see Tyler come back on stage jumping around like he was auditioning for a rock video or something?? Security came back for him a second time, but someone in Gucci’s entourage told him Tyler was okay. He is out of control!

On a side note, why did the audience drop him like that when he tried to crowd surf? Sorry, Tyler, wrong show!

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