Twenty-one years after the release of “Summertime,” Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are reuniting on a remix dubbed “Summertime 3.”

The rapper-turned-blockbuster actor joins Jazzy Jeff, with whom he collaborated on the 1991 summer song as well as the theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and producer Mick Boogie in an

update of the track that will be available

for download on June 11 for the Summertime 3 Mixtape. I was just thinking about were Boogie and Jazzy Jeff were going to do another Summertime mixtape. We need it.

Jazzy and Boogie, have a countdown website for their mixtape that teases: “Stocked with remixed hits that are cooler than those ice-cold treats we love, the mix is a compilation of tracks that have been inspiring us since the ‘90s.” Less than 2 days to go!


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