Jake One, who has been one of my favorite producers for a while, has gotten a lot of positive feedback in the past 24 hours for his production on the track “3 Kings” from Rick Ross’ upcoming album “God Forgives, I  Don’t”.  When asked about the song itself, he was quote saying ““I’m just happy to be part of something with three legends.”  Last week, before tha track dropped, Jake was interviewed for HipHop-N-More and was asked about further work with 50 Cent as well as upcoming production for people like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and more.  Here are some excerpts:

On 50 Cent:

“It’s just the inevitable backlash. He was just so popular that people were just waiting for a reason to not like him, you know what I mean. They just made a villain out of him. If you’ve been rocking with him from the start, his music really hasn’t changed that much. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. He’s great at doing what he does but the climate has changed so much. It’s just natural, it happens with almost everybody. He’s still 50, he’s still entertaining and that’s the bottom line. Gangsta Rap was running shit for decades but the times have changed now. I can never have any complaints about him. He really put me in a good place from the beginning. I was just doing my thing locally until I caught that wave. It was really dope.”

On Drake:

“I’ve been talking to him off and on, sending him stuff. There were some records that he really liked. That was one of them he recorded. Hopefully, you will get to hear the music soon.

On Kendrick Lamar:

“The whole TDE, I like those guys. Kendrick actually rapped on some stuff, I just don’t have it yet (laughs). Even ScHoolboy Q rapped on some stuff. I don’t think that will be on Kendrick’s album but yeah, he definitely rapped on some stuff. I like Dom Kennedy’s music a lot too. Freddie Gibbs is another one.”

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