From The Sun:

Delilah built up such a good friendship with Prince on tour – he even offered to be her personal photographer.

The Purple Rain legend handpicked the Hackney-born singer to support him on tour dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in June.

And she reveals they bonded over their love of photography.

She says: “He was lovely and we got along like a house on fire.

“We had dinner at the hotel and we hung out and had a couple of parties at the hotel.

“It was weird at first when I thought I’m sitting here with Prince, but by the second day I just felt like he was an old friend. He is very chilled out with people he knows.”

She continued: “We chatted about music and took photographs of the amazing things around.

“He likes his photography and said he wanted to be my personal photographer. He said: ‘Can I come on tour and take photos?’

“Can you imagine? At 1pm on a Wireless stage and Prince flies on a helicopter stage to take photographs.”

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