From Metro:

Bolt wants to team up with Ferdinand and use their worldwide fame to promote the sprint king’s beloved music.

The eccentric star, often seen bopping along to reggae beats ahead of his races, is on a mission to get Jamaican artists out of his native country and onto the world stage.

The 26-year-old believes the artists are just as good at producing music as he is at running, but needs the help of Ferdinand and his contacts to make them global superstars.

‘If we do this together we could take it to a new level,’ said Bolt.

‘Not since Bob Marley have we had a musician famous all over the world — and believe me it’s nothing to do with lack of talent – our musicians are as good as our sprinters.

‘It just needs people with global fame like me and Rio to move things.

‘We could have aside part of the business that organised music videos for artists in Jamaica.’

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