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On Thursday January the 24th, 2008, Funky DL rocked his own full show at the North London famous “Jazz Café” in Camden. During the show, he got on his Akai MPC 2000 drum machine and within a few minutes had knocked up a beat live on stage to which the audience marveled at. It’s recreation sits here in the form of “Napalm”. As mentioned previously, melody has never been absent from DL’s work. His ability to evoke some form of emotion from his musical landscape has never escaped his army of albums. That chemistry is witnessed here on this track with a barrage of rhymes and blissfully sung hook line. But what makes this track ever-the-more so captivating is its ending which blends nicely into the actual audio from the aforementioned live show at the Jazz Café… it’s enough to make you feel like you’re there!

I’m a Beast:
Although quite minimal in it’s sound, the intricacies of “I’m a Beast” are not in limitation. Firstly, DL’s rhyme pattern forms and results in each line rhyming the same rhyme throughout each verse. Not such an easy thing to do when the job is to also keep the wordage relevant. The beat comprises of a two-tone bass-line that flips throughout over a solid drum pattern. This is really a track for those that love “all things MC”, as it captures the essence of hip-hop here at its rawest point on the album. As we all know, there are many producers who have turned to the microphone and vice versa. Some can be noted and praised more overwhelmingly for one talent over the other but, it must be said that Funky DL is effortlessly strong at both, which is what makes his music so listenable to begin with. Quite simply… he is a beast…

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