For the record, it’s pretty evident that MK1’s career won’t be slowing down anytime soon, with a performance schedule stull moving along. From the Daily Mail:

Simeon Dixon and Charlie Rundle went head to head against Kye Sones on Sunday night’s sing off performance.

It went to deadlock after Gary and Nicole voted for Kye, while Tulisa and Louis Walsh plumped for MK1.

However, the band left the show after they came last in the audience votes.

But Charlie, real name Charlotte, has branded Gary and Nicole ‘rude’ for talking during the highly pressured performance.

She told The Sun: ‘They were whispering to each other and I thought, “I’m trying to sing for my place and they were chatting”. That’s just rude.’

And the outspoken duo also labelled X Factor singer Chris Maloney as the show’s biggest diva.
Simeon ranted: ‘Chris surviving was a bit of a shocker. He got really lucky. He is the biggest diva.’

Charlie added: ‘If there’s not a drink around or he doesn’t get his food on time or go home in the right taxi, then it’s a bit of a nightmare. The simple things that shouldn’t matter, matter to him.’

Read the full interview at Daily Mail.

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