I’ve never heard of this artist (the below description seems to indicate that he’s from D.C., but his Twitter says Atlanta, so I don’t know for sure), but seeing as his musical style is a somewhat welcome difference to the mundane shit I’ve been hearing from here (and the fact that he managed to hold his own beside the usual destroyer of beats Fat Trel), I’m interested to hear more from the guy.

From the director who brought you “INVINCIBLE” and “Planet Rock” comes a new music-video masterpiece—a journey deep into the world of Deuce Ducartier. In this epic adventure on film, Deuce takes the viewer from his stomping grounds in D.C. to the groovy landscapes of Los Angeles. In the video, Deuce winds his way through the streets of Georgetown to a D.C. Nightclub where he meets up with one of the DMV’s finest, Fat Trel, then it’s across the U.S. to Venice Beach, Cali, and Melrose, ending up in Beverly Hills for a few recognizable cameos.

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