Promoting company SM Global Union has created a lawsuit against Rick Ross because, during their event at the horribly named Bojangles Coliseum last CIAA weekend, he performed 50 minutes of what was supposed to be a 60 minute set. He, along with Waka Flocka Fame and Meek Mill, was also reportedly paid to promote the event through both social networks and well as scheduled events prior to the show. From AllHipHop:

The rappers were paid a total of $225,000 to perform 60-minutes sets during the CIAA weekend in March.
According to the lawsuit, SM Global Union paid Rick Ross $90,000 to perform for an hour, but the rapper only delivered 15 minutes and abruptly walked off the stage.

SM Global Union is suing for breach of contract, and seeks $226,000 in damages, as well as lost profits.

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