Not really a traditional mixtape, Spooky Bizzle just let go of over 70 (that’s right, SEVENTY) tracks of the classic, the recent and the hard to find in Spooky’s catalog. Check it out below.

Download: DJ Spooky – The Super Zip

“H:MusicSuper Zip52 96 Bars (Spooky Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip53 WTF Freestyle Part 1 (Prod. By Sp.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip54 My Name’s Kwam (Prod. By Spooky).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip55 Boiling Point Freestye (Prod. By.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip56 Fair Invasion Freestyle (Prod. By.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip57 Straight Jacket Freestyle (Prod.B.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip58 I Dont Give A Fuck (Prod. By Spoo.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip59 Yo (Prod. By Spooky).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip60 Spartan Freestyle (Prod. By Spook.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip61 Go On (Prod. By Spooky).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip62 Nicole’s Groove (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip63 Rain Drops (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip64 UFO Mode (Spooky’s Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip65 Bad Boy (Spooky Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip66 Mucktion (Spooky’s Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip67 Woooo Mi A Yardie (DJ Cripster Ma.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip68 Born Invincible (Spooky’s ‘Born A.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip69 Cheque 1-2 (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip70 House Party (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip71 Utter Madnezz Freestyle (Prod. By.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip72 Eskimo (Spooky Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip73 Ice Cream Man (Spooky Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip74 Step 16 (Prod. By Spooky & Masro).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip1 Amira Refix.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip2 Bank Holiday.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip3 Bashment Woooo.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip4 Boiling Point Riddim.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip5 Bounce vs Hoe.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip6 Candy Floss.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip7 Carnival Hype.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip8 Curry Chips (Danny B-Line Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip9 Fatal Attraction.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip10 Half Asleep.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip11 Hopeless.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip12 I Need A Girl Refix.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip13 Jazz Style R.I.P.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip14 Lion’s Roar.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip15 Locked Up.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip16 The Lowdown.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip17 Megahertz.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip18 Megahertz (John Halifax Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip19 Moondance.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip20 Retro Arcade Riddim.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip21 Rotten Roses.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip22 Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip23 Spartan (D.O.K Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip24 Spartan (Neon Beats Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip25 Spartan (Preditah Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip26 Spider Web.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip27 String Out.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip28 Talking The Hardest R.I.P.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip29 Top 3 Selected Remix (wud’s Refix.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip30 Trigger Happy.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip31 Tropical Fruit Punch.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip32 Tumble Dryer.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip33 Turkish Delight.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip34 Violate.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip35 Violent Killa.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip36 Waiting Riddim.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip37 Yardie Ryder.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip38 OGeezus.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip39 My Final Freestyle V.I.P.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip40 Lyrical Shoot-Out (Prod. By Spook.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip41 Guy Like You (Prod. By Spooky).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip42 La La La (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip43 Blood (Spooky’s Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip44 Sweet Shop (Spooky’s Sugar Overdo.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip45 Nasty Nasty Nasty (Spooky’s Remix.mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip46 Prang Man (Spooky Refix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip47 Shut Down Raves (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip48 Fusion (Spooky’s 2006 Refix #2).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip49 Lord Of The Mics (Spooky’s Mix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip50 Murking (Spooky’s Remix).mp3”
“H:MusicSuper Zip51 Murking (Spooky’s Dub).mp3”

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