Kendrick gets interviewed in GQ magazine.  Read Here, excerpts below.


GQ: I feel like rappers from LA have a bit of an inferiority complex. They have to represent the resurgence of West Coast hip-hop from the moment they get a little buzz. Did you feel that?
Kendrick Lamar: You know, it’s crazy. From the moment I started writing raps, I was always aware of the pressure. I always wanted to live up to how huge Snoop got, how huge Dre got, how huge Pac got. I was always aware. But by the time I got [the pressure], it was a whole new story. When you get that attention, you really have to execute. That pressure turned into a little bit more excitement, a little more dedication in the studio.

GQ: People love the album and a lot has been written about it. Has anyone misconstrued parts of it?
Kendrick Lamar: A few people think that these stories are just different events throughout my whole life. That story is just one day, one full day. Some things that always happened throughout the days and throughout the weeks, but that was just one particular day that really turned my whole life around and I understood what I should be doing is something positive, which is music right now. They don’t know me yet. They might think they know me, but they don’t.

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