If you checked out K. Michelle recent Breakfast Club interview, you might’ve heard this quote, referring to her skipping out on a recent concert with also featuring Lyfe Jennings:

I was so wrong for that. Let me tell you. They were promoting me. They didn’t even have Lyfe Jennings on the flyers really. No one knew he was out of jail, so I get there and he [had told] them “No, she needs to open up for me.” It was a crowd of women and you were using my name and promoting me. I was like, “No, he’s going to go on first, he’s been in jail. I’ve been out here working and grinding, you been in jail!” I ended up saying I would go on but by then the promoters was like “No.” I made a lot of people pissed off in Tampa. I learned as an artist regardless of anything your fans come first. Just f—k it. Just go out there and sing and let them get up and leave after. I should have went on but I was like, “Damn, we didn’t know you was out, bruh.”

Lyfe then got on Twitter and pretty much ranted for a while:

Doesnt Kmichell relize that everytime she talks bad about Lyfe her fan base goes down…Next time u do an interview in NY go to their web site and see what their listeners are sayin about ur words on Lyfe..

But ima keep bein me and not say nothin negative. Cause i know once love and hiphop is over humbleness will b swift

What’s so funny is I get calls for shows with K and I turn em ALL down. And no one has went on without me.

And to any promoter: stop callin me i will not do a show with KMichelle on the bill. If shes involved i wont be. Dont need the drama.

Yaw dont be fooled by the musicians with 5 -600k followers cause they buyin them… #thirsty

They even got teams of inturns to comment good things on interview sites to make u think people really like them..#fake

Ima give yall the game on this biz foreal…

Thats why its kinda good people not buyin records nomore because ur only gonna buy who you love.

Musicans fake like they got alotta money cause they think yawll will wanna be apart of that. All those clothes cars and jewlery is rented.

They gettin at the most 100k (if that) in signing bonuses. 25k to the lawyer 20% to manager then 25% taxes = 40k to last a yr

Name 5 musicians that u still love that have been around 10yrs…

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