Reports The Urban Daily:

After years of asking the same questions, reporters try to find new ways to get responses from players. Sometimes it works, sometimes it can have comedic results.

After 109 to 94 loss to the Utah Jazz before the All-Star break, a reporter asked Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook about his team’s effort. His angle of question is something coaches and players have been asked dozens of times before: “Did you lose the game or did they win?” Essentially, did you beat yourself with poor play or was the other team just that much better than you? Given that the Jazz are ten games behind the Thunder in the Western Conference at this point in the season OKC should have handled them easily. So it was SORT of a fare question. But Westbrook wasn’t having any of it.

“What? Bro what are you talking about man? I’m out man,” he said turning his back to the reporters. “Ya’ll n*ggas trippin’.”


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