I don’t normally pay that much attention to rumors, but the combination of J. Cudder and our new devotion to checking out KanyeToThe.com for updates has me on edge about this Yeezus album, and now I see this in AllHipHop’s Rumors section:

Word on the streets is that Kanye is actually making an attempt at re-recording Yeezus because of the lukewarm reception to the first songs? I’m not sure. I have not really heard those songs. As far as I know they aren’t on iTunes and have not been sent around. But, I think the second rumor is more feasible. And, that rumor says that Yeezy is adding some additional songs that are more commercially viable. Everything can’t be dark and gloomy songs about slaves and black skinheads. Insiders say that Kanye isn’t scared or anything. He’s just doing what he does to create the best product possible.

Remember folks: this is just a rumor that I simply wanted to bring to anyone’s attention that missed it.

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