According To All Hip-Hop:

I can’t believe this. And yet, I can. In what seems like an endless soap opera, K-Foxx of the Hot97 morning show has been unceremoniously fired. I am not fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the termination, but is ON! Now, we saw on “The Gossip Game,” the reality show she starred on, that she at times clashed with E-Bro, her boss AND co-host. What the hell just happened? On top of that, I am hearing that one of her co-stars on “The Gossip Game” may be her replacement! Now, I have a theory, and I’m not sure how much truth there is to this, but I will say it. I think there may be cause to believe that this is part of a grand plot to get that second season of “The Gossip Game” popping. As far as I know, the show is up in the air for the fall season. Insiders have told me, for it to pop off, some dramatic changes are to occur. This is a dramatic change indeed. AND if somebody from the show replaces K-Foxx. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DRAMA!

I hope this rumor is not true, I love her on the show.

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