Laila Ali Leaving "Good Morning America"

After letting the world know how she really felt about ‘North West’, ‘Blue Ivy’ and any other name that falls into the pot, Laila Ali inexplicably apologizes to Kanye West & Kim Kardashian (two people whose asses I’m sure she could kick without blinking). There’s also audio of the interview below the transcript.

Egypt: Laila, are you there babe?

Laila: I am here, how are you doing?

Egypt: Girl, this just seems so silly. But I know that you kinda had something on your heart when I called you too that you wanted to share with everybody. How did this thing just get blown out of proportion?

Laila: Okay, I was recently at a charity event and I was asked my opinion on some of these non-traditional and creative names and I was speaking very candidly and honestly as I always do. And you know, as a parent, knowing how cruel the world is and the bullying, and you know, kids have to grow up and get a job one day, I did say that I think some of these name choices are stupid. I do realize that it was a poor choice of words, you know, and it wasn’t to single out Kim or Kanye. I actually mentioned a bunch of names, not just the name North. It was a general opinion to a question that I was asked, but it doesn’t matter. I do realize and I take responsibility for it. I have no problem doing that. It was a poor choice of words that I used.

Egypt: Okay.

Laila: You know I actually reached out to Kim and Kanye to apologize.

Egypt: You know I think that’s very admirable of you because not too many people would have…said you know what, wait. Errr! Let me just put the brakes on here. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that or it came out wrong. But you know some people would even say you only said what everybody else was thinking, you know?

Laila: Well, that usually is the case.


Egypt: Let me tell y’all people something. If you keep naming your babies Glamadia and CharnetMoet Rose, come on they’re going to have trouble getting a job. In the future, we gotta think smart.

Laila: Exactly.

Egypt: These are your kids lives. Alright, thanks so much Laila!

Laila: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up.

Egypt: Absolutely.

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