In the third and final installment of our interview, Mac talks to Nick Huff Barili about how he feels that Schoolboy Q’s up coming album is better than any TDE releases to date, including Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC. Mac back pedals on the statement a bit saying that he wants to support his homie Q and that he made the statement to help raise awareness for Schoolboy Q’s new album. Whether he really believes its better than Kendricks….we will let you come up with your own conclusions. Mac also talks about the current tour he is on and how he picked everyone involved, saying that its his favorite tour so far. Up next for Mac is an up coming tour in Europe with Lil Wayne and 2 Chains. Mac says he doesn’t know if the crowd will even recognize him but that it will be fun regardless. Mac talks about getting dap from Wayne at the MTV awards which he said felt authentic. Nick asks Mac about his project with Jazzy Jeff called 92 Til infinity, which Mac says is still in the works. The interview ends with Mac talking about how this generation needs to be better at revolution and references a documentary he saw about US Propaganda made by the North Koreans. (Ps that is Earl Sweatshirt’s voice in the background calling him a communist.)

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