19-year old Archy Marshall was profiled by The Guardian after the release of his most recent LP.  Check it out here, with an excerpt below.

During bouts of insomnia, he recalls lying awake deep into the night listening to Pixies and the Libertines through his grandmother’s big Sennheiser headphones. “That was when I began to think about creating soundscapes,” he explains. He won a place at the Brit School, and although he struggled with the discipline at first, he began to love the place. “It’s a really good school and I learned a lot. A teacher called Derek Moir taught me to love history and sociology, and that all really helped me out.” He takes delivery of a fresh pint and brushes tobacco from his LP sleeve. “I know my story sounds terrible, but I wouldn’t change anything in my life, because it all helped to formulate what I feel now is a very strong mind.”

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