Banks [London]

Big fan of Banks “Warm Water” and “Fall Over”…specTACular songs! (Posted in the bonus section. #MustListen) … But more recently, she released her [London] EP, which is definitely good music as well.

…Four tracks. Nicely played out sultry love songs with a lot of passion, and constantly changing moods. #LoveIt #Crafty. It might have to grow on you a little. But promise. img-banks_140906256405 You’re in for a treat once it hits. Just be patient. Let the songs build.

Posted all 4 tracks from the new EP below (…available for purchase via itunes). “Change” is easily my favorite (…I think), but like I said, I posted all 4 tracks below. Also, If you’ve never heard of Banks before this post, I highly suggest getting into her older stuff first (posted in the bonus). Then make your way back up to the now. You’ll appreciate it better. Just my 2 cents though. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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BONUS: My top 3 favorite songs by Banks, plus 1 colabo she did with Lil Silva (such a dope party jam!). All super good music though. And the videos for “Warm Water” and “Fall Over” are pretty great. “Warm Water” is low-key beautiful forreal…

Such a party jam! Try not to dance…

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