“Full Moon” – Mansions on the Moon

Yo I swear its been like a million years since I heard from Mansions on the Moon

One of my favorite indie pop bands of 2010-2012. Superb music, but never really made it anywhere.

artworks-000056511662-pqjirz-t500x500To my disappointment, I figured they had just fallen off the face of the earth. BUT, as I stated earlier, today has been a good day! Mansions on the Moon appeared out of nowhere with their new single “Full Moon”, and it just as pleasing as I expected it to be. …These dudes are talented. I’m telling you.

Anyways, a new EP and/or album is expected soon from what I understand. “Full Moon” is the lead single. If you like this, but never really heard of Mansions on the Moon prior, I’ll give you a nice little warm welcoming in the bonus section. #goodmusic #unique sound …You have no idea how many people I’ve put onto these guys. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby Tumblr  #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: All of these are must watches and must listens. The best from MOTM from the past 4 years. #ThankMeLater

“She Makes Me Feel” …probably one of the best tracks they’ve released. The only video. Seen this 3 years ago and was sold!

“Darkness” …I loved this song. But even before it officially came out, I loved watching this behind the scenes production process of them making it. Creative working, in the studio with Pharrell and N.E.R.D. (MOTM used to be signed to Star Trak. Not sure if they still are though).

“Magic” …Not real good sound quality on this one. (probably because it was done before they were even going by MOTM). …but still, one of my favs. (They used to be called AVA. Not sure what it stood for, but I’m going to assume it has something to do with their roots being in Virginia)

Some of my favorite songs from the [Paradise Falls] mixtape they did a few years back with Diplo and Benzi. A lot of remixes over dope, then unknown artist tracks like Deadmau5 and Washed Out.

The most recent EP, [Lightyears] …which isn’t exactly all that recent, but damn is it a treat. Signature dreamy, electronic, chillwave-like indie pop

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