Video: “Another Girl” – Wild Belle [Isles]

Been a fan of Wild Belle every since I seen them live opening up for Toro Y Moi back in March. Had never heard of them prior to that day, but I’ve been 100% a fan every since. Its just outstanding music with so much flavor. A little bit of western soul. A little bit of island vibes. And a touch of that same bluesy type rock that the Black Keys are famous for. Its a great sound that I’ve been somewhat addicted to since first listening to them. Natalie Bergman does her thing with those vocals, and her brother Elliot is quite magical with the instrumentals. Especially on that horn! #epic

“Another Girl” is Wild Belle‘s latest video and I think their 2nd or 3rd video from their album [Isles]. Great album by the way. Highly recommended. Its available on vinyl in my store fyi. Definitely check that out. Its a treat with a lot of gems. “Another Girl” being one of my favorites on the album. “Keep You” and “Backslider” being 2 of the others. Posted them all below though. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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BONUS: “Keep You” is probably my favorite Wild Belle song off the recent [Isles] LP. Its a fan favorite video. I play it all the time when I do my shows and people love it. So live and so much energy. That island vibe with those horns! smh… Swear I love their sound. Cant beat it! Also posted my other favorite though, “Backslider”. …These stole my heart when I seen them live. So enjoy..

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