Video: “Lean With The Sprite” – Yung Simmie

B.R.K. all day!! Love the vibe. Love the rhymes. Love the Raider Klan. …Not everything, but way too much of what they put out is too dope to deny.

Raider Klan member Yung Simmie‘s “Lean With The Sprite” is one of those tracks you WILL like. Regardless what you preconceptions are. …The flow is too ill.

Posted the song before, but this is the video. If you’re new to Yung Simmie or The Raider Klan, they’re every bit worth the listen. Old school – new school Three-6 Mafia feel. Hardcore raps. Gangsta shit… done with class. Posted the new video for “Lean With The Sprite” below. Enjoy…

by Jenewby

@Jenewby  Tumblr  #TheMusicGuru

BONUS: Here are my other 2 favorite Yung Simmie songs/vids.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with B.R.K. aka the Black Raider Klan, check out this dope article I wrote a while ago called “A Rebelled Souls Guide to the Raider Klan”. As a collective, I think their the illest underground rap clique out right now. Making serious moves and even performed at Coachella this past year. Wasn’t all that into them at first, but trust, they grew on me. Now I’m a huge fan. (Click on the picture below for the article)


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