With his anticipated album Get Home Safely releasing next week, Dom Kennedy takes Civil TV to his old stomping grounds and personal studio. “Leimert Park just got a lot of the best shit period in the city”, the OPM leader states. “I’m just trying to keep it going.”

Speaking about some of his fondest memories, Dom speaks on how an area riddled with black-owned businesses, large billboards sporting rappers and, more importantly, people who cared. “When people say how do what I do? It’s like how do I not do what I do? All these people surviving, you know what I’m saying, selling what they sell, doing what they do and they happy, shit, for the most part,” Dom states. “You may not have as much as whoever, but you got what you got and it’s yours, what’s better than that?”

But the LA neighborhood didn’t just spawn the Dodgers-loving lyricist’s affinity for music, it whipped up the idea to build the Other People’s Money brand. “All of this came from my notebook and really being on the road. I be on the back of the tour bus and a lot of downtown sometimes. You may have a day off and I would just jot down little things I see and take pictures of stuff,” Dom discloses before shedding light on the Ready To Die tee for this season. While crafting Yellow Album, Dom’s street sensibilities, business-savvy and all-around laid-back demeanor landed him in one of the biggest MC’s home–Rick Ross.

“I’m banging with Rick Ross. If his album comes out, I know it’s going to be hard. Anything that he do, because I’m a fan of what he do. His work ethic is the reason why he is one of the best at what he do today.” Watch the mini-doc of Dom Perignon and his road to Get Home Safely. The LP is available in Best Buy stores next Tuesday (Oct. 15). Pre-order now on iTunes.

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